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Mike Cummings

“Feel Good Banking to me means that we
a) are driving continual fresh endeavors while honoring the authentic legacy and history of our past in the markets we serve. Embracing new emotion and energy to our identity to drive new aspirations in serving our long term partners, our customers.
b) are building and providing a professional and service driven team that's focused everyday on enriching the level of our products and services for the benefit of our long term partners, our customers.” - Mike

Mike Cummings

Mike Cummings

Market President

Mike brings a broad level of skills and experiences to serving our ACB customers. He has a zeal to continually improve the economics of our customers. He is truly focused on cultivating a long term partnership with our banks customers. At his core is building a relationship based on trust, honesty, integrity and privacy.

He places a strong emphasis on meeting and learning from the banks customers to gain their perspectives, experiences , knowledge, and insights.

He has served communities in the financial arena for 35 + years. He worked within a fortune 500 financial services company after graduating college. Started serving local communities, then regionally then at the national / international level. The past 20 years serving local communities. He has a great appreciation for the differences from one community to the next. His understanding of the dynamics and merits in serving customers in these different arenas has cultivated a broad base of knowledge and experiences in financial services.

He has served many geographical markets in the US and has provided leadership in many functional roles (Lending, Credit and Underwriting, Operations, Portfolio Control, Risk Management, Strategic Execution and Planning, Re-Engineering and Migration of Products/Functions/Services, Human Capital Improvement, Compliance, Sales and Marketing, Joint Ventures). He comes from a large mid-western family with a strong commitment to core values and a strong moral standard. Living in Illinois, Alabama, Florida, and Wisconsin has provided a diverse view over the years. Over these many years and travels, he has been involved with several civic organizations and committees to drive change, give back to society, and promote better communities.

Family activities include: Fishing, Golfing, Landscaping, Beekeeping, Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Weekend Trips, Driving a tractor, and Chocolate are centers of enjoyment for he and wife Marguerite (married 35+ years).